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Teaforia Kyō matcha latte is made using pure finely ground powdered matcha. It contains no artificial colours or preservatives, there are no artificial sweeteners either. It is a truly flavourful gourmet tea.

To make a cup of tea, mix two teaspoons of matcha in a cup of hot water or milk (about 180ml) and stir until the powder is completely dissolved. To make cold tea, simply wait until the drink cools down and add ice.

Product Information

Manufacturer: Teaforia, produce of more than one country. Weight: 1000g.

Nutritional value per 100ml:

  • energy value: 1503kJ/359kcal,
  • fats: 5.7g,
  • of which saturated fats: 5.2g,
  • carbohydrates: 72g,
  • of which sugars: 40g,
  • proteins: 5g,
  • salt: 0g.

Ingredients: natural cane sugar, maize maltodextrin, matcha green tea powder (12.8%), glucose syrup, vegetable oil, milk protein, stabilizer E340, vanilla flavoring.

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