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One of these candies is super sour. The other two are sweet. But which is which? Well, you’ll only find out once you eat them! Treat yourself or have a game of chance with friends. Who gets the sweet candies and who gets the sour ones?

Product Information

Manufacturer: Coris, Japan. Weight: 14,4g.

Nutritional value per 100g:

  • energy content: 1222kJ/292kcal,
  • fats: 0g,
  • of which saturated fatty acids: 0g,
  • carbohydrates: 72,9g,
  • of which sugars: 34,7g,
  • proteins: less than 0,01g,
  • salt: less than 0,01g.

Ingredients: glucose, sugar, starch syrup, hydrogenated maltose, chewing gum base, acidifier, flavoring agent, emulsifier, anthocyanin.

Category: Groceries, Sweets
Tag: Vegan


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