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The most popular drink at Anix Café is fruit bubble tea!

You will not find tea like that anywhere else in the city, as we use only natural homemade syrups without added white sugars and food additives!
We have new syrups every season depending on what grows at that time of the year.
For example, in the summer our syrups might include blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, in autumn we might have pear and apple syrups, and we might offer citrus fruits in the winter.

In addition to natural syrup, fruit bubble tea also includes jasmine tea, sliced fruits and popping boba balls themselves.
“Popping boba” consists of little balls, the shell of which is made of seaweed and filled with fruit syrup.

This is a delicious and refreshing drink that both children and adults enjoy.

Product Information

– Lactose free, gluten free and completely vegan.
– Free from white sugars and food additives.
– Cane or coconut sugar is used as a sweetener.
– This drink is only served cold.

M -500ml
L – 700ml

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