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Dakimakura, body pillow, hug-pillow – a healthy helper for a refreshing sleep. Dakimakura isn’t just a good way to hug your favourite waifu or give a fun present to a friend, it’s so much more. Dakimakura helps the body to relax to get the most out of your sleep. Since it allows the muscles to relax during the night you can prevent or relieve shoulder-, hip- and neck pain by using the pillow to avoid a suboptimal sleeping position. There’s less snoring, less tossing and turning, and improved circulation. In addition, hugging the pillow gives a positive feeling and a sense of security to help you fall asleep. All this adds up to you waking up even happier and more refreshed!

Product Information

Material: ES HCS Virgin (polyester)
Dimensions: 150 x 50 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Washing instructions: wash at 30 degrees. Turn the pillow case inside out before washing.  We recommend that you do not soak the pillow case for long periods of time.

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